Mamma Mia! Chrissy Teigen Dishes Out Brilliant Pasta Hack


Chrissy Teigen can really use her noodle in the kitchen.

The mother of two and cookbook author launched her cooking and lifestyle site Cravings by Chrissy Teigen on November 4.

In addition to a wealth of recipes, tips, and pictures of the Legend family, Cravings includes an "Ask Chrissy" section where the web-savvy star answers fan questions.

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Teigen has expressed she would prefer to talk about topics surrounding food, but doesn’t mind discussing other topics, according to TODAY.

Earlier this month, one user asked Teigen about an issue all foodies have dealt with when cooking pasta: the very real struggle of pulling apart noodles from tanged, starchy clumps.

"Chrissy, do you know what to do to avoid pasta sticking together when cooking? I’ve noticed sometimes when I am preparing the pasta that it would stick," the person asked. "I am not sure why, because I always add some olive oil and salt to the water. Any ideas?"

Teigen responded to the question with a helpful answer.

"To avoid the sticks, make sure you’re cooking your pasta in enough water so it has room to roam free and boil without having to share a proverbial twin-sized bed with other pieces of pasta," she responded. "Also, during the first few minutes, make sure to stir the pasta a lot so that it releases its initial starches right into the water, not onto other pieces of pasta."

She also explained that while adding oil to the boiling water is important, more essential is using oil on pasta after it's strained. Teigen recommended adding “about a teaspoon of oil” to the pasta right into the strainer and then tossing the noodles to avoid a sticky situation.

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