'Game of Thrones' Star Emilia Clarke Reunites With Her On-Screen Lovers


Emilia Clarke just turned 33, and it wouldn’t be a birthday celebration without a reunion of some fan favorite “Game of Thrones” actors!

Clarke teamed up with Kit Harington and Jason Momoa for a birthday photo for the ‘gram – and fans are going wild over the “Game of Thrones” reunion. One thing is for sure: it was a little weird to see Clarke with TWO of her on-screen lovers.

Clarke posted the cuddly photo, showing the trio snuggling up to each other. The Daenerys actress took the opportunity to point out the long-haired, bearded nature of the photo with the caption, “Reunions never looked this hairy.”

The love triangle began with Clarke and Momoa in season 1 as their characters were forced to marry. Daenerys (Clarke) and Khal (Momoa) end up falling in love just before Khal’s untimely death. In comes Jon Snow (Harington) in season 7 to sweep Daenerys off of her feet. Unfortunately, the two are unaware that they’re actually related.

Luckily, the awkwardness of the on-screen romances with these three didn’t affect their relationships outside of the show, as shown by the photo.

According to Instagram, Clarke’s birthday festivities began a couple days before her birthday actually kicked off. She was first surprised with a birthday cake to start up the celebrations.

Then, with a shoutout to her upcoming Christmas film “Last Christmas,” she shows off her pearly whites in a photo at a fancy Parisian dinner.