Fox Nation Host Britt McHenry Announces She Has Brain Tumor

Britt McHenry
Photo credit Getty Images

Britt McHenry has revealed she has a brain tumor for which she will undergo surgery.

The Fox Nation host shared the information in a tweet on Thursday.

“I have a brain tumor,” the post read. “I’m with an amazing medical team and surgery is imminent.”

In the announcement, the 33-year-old former ESPN reporter said that she was sharing the news despite initial wishes to keep the update “relatively private.”

“I was trying to keep this relatively private,” she wrote. “But as usual, things are being said without my consent.”

On Monday, McHenry tweeted that she was undergoing an MRI the following day “for neck and brain.”

“Never had one before, pretty nervous. 😕,” she added.

The update was followed by a Tuesday missive hinting at troubling results.

“I had good & bad news today,” McHenry wrote. “Overwhelmed by the support by friends & strangers alike. With the best surgeons and doctors. Just another thing to take on 💪🏼.”

While she didn’t specify the procedure found, she urged Twitter users to monitor their health and get regular scans.

“Please I can’t stress enough, make your check-ups,” she continued. “Get an MRI early. It could have saved me.”

McHenry is expected to undergo surgery on Thursday, Daily Mail reports.

Fox Nation is a streaming service and Fox News spinoff on which McHenry hosts the program “UN-PC.”

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