Halle Berry Claps Back at Hater's 'Construction Hands' Diss


Halle Berry clapped back at the haters when an Instagram user called her out after she posted a picture of her hand.

The Instagram post is of her holding a butterfly while the caption said, “Today I was touched by an angel.”

However, Berry was not offended by the comment.

Berry made a joke out of the situation and commented, “I knew somebody was gonna crack on the [hand].”

She then added three laugh-cry emojis to the end of her comment.

Berry is not shy about responding to comments and rumors.

When Disney announced that the live-action remake of “The Little Mermaid” would feature Halle Bailey as the star, fans misread the news and thought it was Halle Berry.

But fans weren’t the only ones to notice the striking similarities in their names. Berry took to Twitter to shout out her fellow Halle.

“In case you needed a reminder… Halles get it DONE,” she writes. She then congratulates Bailey on landing the role and talks about her excitement in seeing how the new film pans out for the star.

“Congratulations @chloexhalle on this amazing opportunity, we can’t wait to see what you do! #TheLittle Mermaid #HalleBailey.”