Take a Peek Inside ‘Jeopardy’ Host Alex Trebek’s 79th Birthday Bash

“Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek celebrated his 79th birthday on Monday surrounded by a group of family and friends, and the "Jeopardy" Instagram account had the photos to show for it.

The beloved show host sported a more casual look than the suit-and-tie ensemble fans of the show are normally used to seeing him in. The party location was decked out with balloons and floral centerpieces while Trebek looked over the moon to be surrounded by the people he loves most.

The caption of the photo series reads, “Today is Alex’s birthday! Send him your wishes in the comments below!”

Fans of the show everywhere have been rallying behind Trebek since he released a video announcement alerting “Jeopardy!” viewers to his stage 4 pancreatic cancer back in March. He continues to host the household favorite game show.

He even revealed to People in May that he has made “mind-boggling” progress in terms of his treatment, and doctors have described his case as “near remission.”

With all of that in mind, Instagrammers all over flooded the comments section of his birthday bash photos to wish him well. One commenter even writes, “You simply are a member of our family – you have been in our home daily for over 30 yrs.”

Another “Jeopardy!” superfan writes, “Continue getting well, can’t wait for you to find the next K Jennings or James Holzhauer.”

Comments continue to flood the “Jeopardy!” Instagram page, many hoping for a speedy recovery for the 79-year-old.