Jason Momoa, Shirtless, Teaches Son How to Throw Tomahawk Without Looking


Who doesn’t fondly remember shirtless tomahawk practice with dad?

Jason Momoa brought back our favorite look in new videos where he teaches his son Nakao-Wolf how to throw a tomahawk, reports Daily Mail.

The “Aquaman” star was looked in his element in the two videos, the first captioned “Teaching my boy the ol’ no look huck” and the second captioned “Wolfie blooper takes.”

In the first video, Momoa is seen shirtless but donning green pants and black boots, holding a couple of tomahawks several feet away from a wooden target, and giving his son some sagely advice on how to throw the weapons without looking.

“It's not essential to look, Wolfie, you just have to feel the aim and let it go,” the actor said as he launched the weapon and missed the target completely.

But Momoa quickly got on a roll, hitting the target on a series of throws he kept referring to as a “grouping.”

“Just kinda want to glance, and then turn away,” Momoa as wife Lisa Bonet is heard laughing in the background.

“Just make sure no one is walking in the way,” he joked, flinging away.

In the second blooper reel video, Momoa is ready to pass the torch, telling his son he’s going to teach “you and all your friends in the next generation how to throw a tomahawk without looking.”

“It’s all about arrogance,” he says, badly missing on a few throws.

But the “Game of Thrones” star knows it’s all about your mindset: “That one sounded like it hit the ground but it didn't, cause I never saw.”

Momoa referred to the last tomahawk he threw in the bloopers as the Mohican 2000.

“Stuck it,” he said after wildly missing the throw, and before bursting into laughter.

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