Jason Momoa to 'Dad Bod' Haters: Doesn’t Offend Me 'At All'


Jason Momoa is finally speaking out about “Dad Bod” Gate.

In early July, pictures made the rounds online of the Aquaman star’s not-as-ripped physique while on family vacation in Venice, days after celebrating the wedding of his stepdaughter Zoe Kravitz and her ‘sexy motherf--ing’ husband Karl Glusman (real respect real).

In the photos, Momoa looked like he hadn’t hit the gym in a day or two and had a big dinner the night before.

The internet was disgusted.

Internet trolls did what they did best, rage-tweeting things like “Omg, what happened to the abs?”

On Tuesday, Momoa finally spoke out. In a video posted on TMZ, the Game of Thrones star said the haters aren’t getting to him.

When asked how the cake and beer were at a surprise 40th birthday party that his Thrones co-star Emilia Clarke posted a pic from on Instagram, the actor said, “Amazing. Anything Guinness is good.” When the cameraman said it wouldn’t help the “dad bod” controversy, Momoa slapped his stomach and said, “Well, that alright.” 40’s never felt this good.

The TMZ rep went on to ask if the “dad bod” categorization offended him. Momoa answered, “No,” smirked, and emphasized, “Not at all.” He then got in a car and said, “Tell TMZ I’ll show ‘em my dad bod soon.”