Jason Sudeikis reveals what his real first name is and which 'Cheers' star is his biological uncle

Jason Sudeikis
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Jason Sudeikis is not who you think he is!

During an interview on the “Today” show Monday, the former "SNL" funnyman and now Emmy winner for Apple TV+ mega-hit, “Ted Lasso,” admitted that his real first name is not Jason.

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“True or false? Your real name is Daniel?” co-host Jill Martin asked him.

“That my real name is Daniel? My first name? That’s true," Sudeikis admitted. "I was Daniel Jason. He’s (my father) Daniel Joseph, and my mom decided to call me Jason, so that we knew which one she was yelling at."

That the revelation came up during a game of "True or False?" with the show’s hosts made it a lot more light-hearted than if Sudeikis went clean in a tell-all biography 25 years from now. But if that biography gets written, “Ted Lasso” will probably take up a large chunk of it.

After only one season, the show racked up 20 Emmy nominations -- the most nominations for a new show ever. It’s the kind of career-defining role an actor dreams of, even one as successful as Sudeikis.

There were even more surprising tidbits revealed during the interview that you might stick in the back of your brain for a future trivia game. Like this one -- Sudeikis said that his uncle is none other than actor George Wendt -- that’s right, “Norm” from the classic NBC sitcom, “Cheers.

“That’s my mother’s younger brother," Sudeikis said.

Sudeikis also elaborated on why he gravitated toward the role on "Ted Lasso," as he told Jenna and Hoda before the "True or False" gam, “I just didn’t want to play someone super snarky all the time. I’d rather do that after they yell cut. To play that kind of energy all the time can eat away at your soul… I wanna play like a happy-go-lucky guy. Like a weeble wobble.”

Info Sudeikis wouldn’t reveal though was how long “Ted Lasso” might last. “That’s one that even Wikipedia might not know," he told "Today."

Many current streaming series are going with the BBC template of only sticking around a few seasons, no matter how popular, so’s not to dent the show's reputation with a few straggling latter seasons of lesser material.

But "Ted Lasso" - which will see its third season premiere in 2022 - is the kind of show, filled with laughs and lovable characters, that fans hope could make a “Cheers”-like run. We shall see.

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