Jeff Bridges says his tumor has ‘drastically shrunk’ following lymphoma diagnosis


Jeff Bridges shared a health update amid his ongoing battle with lymphoma.

After revealing his cancer diagnosis last fall, the 71-year-old has now disclosed his tumor has decreased in size, reported USA Today.

"January 6th I go in for a CAT scan to see if my new protocol is shrinking my tumor," the Oscar winner wrote on his official website. "Turns out it's working beautifully. The thing has drastically shrunk. I come home elated with the news."

The day of Bridges’ medical appointment also happened to be when pro-Trump rioters stormed the Capitol. “The Big Lebowski” star reflected on the events in Washington, D.C.

"To see our country attacking itself broke my heart," he added. "A question rose in me – what's an individual to do in a situation like this? My mentor, (late artist) Rozzell Sykes, came to mind. His mantra was BE LOVE."