Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Mask Up With Dogs in New Instagram Post


Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are hanging out in all of their masked glory during the coronavirus pandemic...and they're letting the pups join in as well.

Cox took to Instagram Saturday with a video of herself and Aniston cuddled up with Cox's two dogs, Harley and Hopper. The video shows the two dogs having an "argument" over whether or not to wear a face mask.

The video concludes with a snap of the foursome cuddled up on the couch, all sporting their best masks.

The video was captioned simply with a double heart emoji.

The friendship between Cox and Aniston runs deep, with Aniston revealing in a conversation with Lisa Kudrow that the pair has gone down a "Friends" blooper reel rabbit hole in the past.

"I love stumbling on a 'Friends' episode. This one time I was with Courteney, and we were trying to find something to reference, an old 'Friends' thing," Aniston revealed.

"And then we stumbled on - there's bloopers online - and we sat there at the computer like two nerds watching these bloopers laughing at ourselves," she continued.

It was then that Kudrow admitted she's been guilty of doing the same. "I've done it, too. I've done that, hours watching bloopers." The two ladies then reminisced about one scene in particular that lent itself to some hysterical bloopers.

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