Jennifer Aniston Surprises 'Friends' Fans at Central Perk


You might want to hold out your cappuccino mug for this one.

Rachel Green is serving up coffee at Central Perk.

“Friends” star Jennifer Aniston surprised fans of the beloved NBC sitcom on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday, reports TODAY.

While guest hosting Ellen’s talk show, Aniston took the opportunity to prank fans taking a “Friends” tour on the Warner Bros. set.

The 50-year-old-actress popped up from her hiding spot behind the couch like she’d never left the gang’s favorite hangspot in the 16 years since the series finale aired.

Aniston’s prank was teasing by design, orchestrated so that she revealed herself after a photographer on set asked guests to name their favorite characters from the show.

“Ross,” one said.

“Joey,” another visitor answered.

A couple other fans named Phoebe.

Aniston showed herself after the responses, ready to serve up coffee from a pot she was holding with a side of mock-disbelief and ribbing.

“Now that you guys are here, you get to watch your third-favorite Friend!” Aniston joked after guiding the fans to their seats in the audience of “Ellen.”

This isn’t the first time Aniston served up a big surprise on DeGeneres’ talk show.

In December, she and Ellen presented a holiday miracle to an unsuspecting family who lost their mother at a young age to cancer. They gifted Jeff, a single father, and his two daughters with holiday decorations, a trip to Paris, and $150,000.

On Thursday, Aniston’s “Friends” co-star Courteney Cox shared the ultimate “Friends” TBT: a photo of the main cast eating their final meal together before the taping of the series finale.

“‘The Last Supper’ before taping ‘The Last One’ on Jan 23, 2004. #tbt #friends,” Cox captioned the photo.

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