Jennifer Aniston Embraces Aging and Reveals She Doesn't 'Feel 50'


Jennifer Aniston has no intention of slowing down.

The actress has had an extremely busy year executive producing and starring in the Netflix movie “Murder Mystery” and the Apple TV Plus series “The Morning Show,” teasing a project with her former “Friends” cast, joining Instagram and celebrating turning the big 5-0.

And while getting older is something the best of us fear, Aniston is embracing it with a bang.

“Well, I love a big ol’ celebration and I thought what’s the alternative?” she said to People about her star-studded bash in February.

“Look, the alternative to not being 50 is because you’re not here anymore!”

Acknowledging the importance of good health, Aniston isn’t losing sight that aging is actually a luxury.

“I think of all the people that we’ve lost before the age of 50 or at the age of 50,” she added. “And also I think we’re living longer now.”

While she clearly looks younger than her age, Aniston said, more importantly, she doesn’t “feel 50.”

“I don’t know what that’s supposed to feel like or look like,” she continued.  “I know what society has painted it as and what narrative we put around it but none of that applies to myself in terms of how I feel about it.”

Looking ahead at 2020, Aniston is “excited for the unknown” and is “open” to finding love again after the demise of her marriage to Justin Theroux, who remains her good friend, last year.

“I’ve loved many people,” she confessed.  “And I love that even the cracks in those loves are still beautiful. I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for each and every one of them.”

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