Fir Real? Jennifer Garner Accidentally Bought a Massive Christmas Tree


Uh oh! It seems like Jennifer Garner tried to pick the perfect Christmas tree, but made a huge mistake.

Garner isn't afraid at laughing at herself. The actress has shared multiple of her mishaps.

This week the star shared a funny video to her Instagram. In the clip, she explained that a Christmas tree that had just been delivered to her house was a bit taller than the one she thought she picked out.

“So I told my kids we could go bigger because we’re in a rental house and it has a really big foyer,” Garner said. “But then it was delivered and I’m not sure this was the tree we picked out,” she added.

The camera is zoomed in showing Garner, then instantly zooms out to show that the tree is much taller than her. Garner shouts, “It’s a little aggressive!”

Some famous celebrities weighed in and shared their thoughts about the tree. Katie Couric said, “OH EM GEE that tree has some serious BTE (big tree energy).” Reese Witherspoon commented, "Whoa!"

Back in November, Garner posted a hilarious video to Instagram of her journey to locate her car in a one-level garage.

“I would like to tell you this was an isolated incident, but….😬🤥👵🏼,” Garner captioned the video. She also said that it took her 25 minutes to find her car.
The video starts with the actress walking around the lot looking for her car. She just visited a Build-a-Bear workshop to buy a stuffed animal.

The mother of three told her fans that she had been “walking for 10 minutes” looking for her car.

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