Watch Jennifer Garner Spend 25 Minutes Looking for Her Car in a Parking Lot


Even the stars forget where they parked.

Jennifer Garner isn’t afraid of laughing at herself! The actress showed her fans how she constantly struggles to find her car when she parks it in a parking lot.

Garner posted a hilarious video to Instagram of her journey to locate her car in a one-level garage.

“I would like to tell you this was an isolated incident, but….😬🤥👵🏼,” Garner captioned the video. She also said that it took her 25 minutes to find her car.

The video starts with the actress walking around the lot looking for her car. She just visited a Build-a-Bear workshop to buy a stuffed animal.

The mother of three told her fans that she had been “walking for 10 minutes” looking for her car.

After thinking she parked her car in the “Y” section, Garner tried to find her car by pressing the button on her keys.

“Oh, you know what’s happening? We’re out of batteries,” Garner said.

The actress then tried retracing her steps. “I should be on CSI: Miami,” Garner said.

Garner eventually gave up and hopped into her friend’s car to continue the auto quest.

“This is where it gets complicated,” Garner said as they approached an intersection. “Now, I remember thinking what to do. It won’t take us long just to go and do that loop. ‘Cause I might have done that or I might have not,” she added.

The search finally comes to an end when Garner figures out her car is parked in the “F” section of the parking lot.

“This has nothing to do with [where] I said it was. I said it was that way in 'Y,'” Garner said. She continued to joke and said it was rude that someone moved her car.

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