Jennifer Garner's Son Gifts Her a Check for Being His Mom


Talk about an adorable moment!

Jennifer Garner's son just wrote her a check for being his mother. The actress posted a picture to her Instagram of a fake check she got from her son Sam.

According to the post, Garner received a check for $168.42, which Sam wrote was for "being my mama." “Apparently, birthing and raising someone is valued at $168.42,” Garner joked. “I guess I should keep my day job 😂.”

Garner's followers were fast to responded to the sweet post and cute gesture. One user said, “Is this fully tax deductible? He got it in dec 29…#nonprofitmom."

Another fan wrote, "Written on Dec 25th, which means it also qualifies as your holiday bonus. Lol dont spend it all in one place!"

Garner is known for posting adorable moments of her kids. Do you remember as a kid when you would do anything to not go to school? Whether it was by playing hooky or pretending you were sick?

The actress revealed that her daughter is always playing the tricks. In an Instagram post, the actor shared an adorable note of her daughter bartering for special conditions before agreeing to go to school.

“I know that I am willing to go to school, but I want something. Maybe hot chocolate? Yes or no,’” read the handwritten note that Garner posted on Instagram.

The actress captioned the photo, “You drive a hard bargain, Missy, but Yes. Definitely, yes. #wayyyybackwednesday.”

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