'Dark Angel' co-star Jensen Ackles says Jessica Alba was 'horrible' on set: 'She had it out for me'

Jensen Ackles, Jessica Alba
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Debuting in the fall of 2000, “Dark Angel” was a post-apocalyptic sci-fi show on Fox that helped launch the career of main star Jessica Alba.

While it was canceled in 2002, co-star Jensen Ackles is now opening up about his tumultuous experience working with Alba during the second season of the short-lived series.

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Twenty years later, Ackles recalled the star’s alleged diva behavior while speaking to the “Inside of You With Michael Rosenbaum” podcast.

Rosenbaum asked if it was cool to work with Alba. “No,” Ackles flatly stated. “She was horrible.”

The “Supernatural” star quickly added though, “I love Jess, which I know kind of contradicts what I just said."

Ackles then elaborated by giving context to Alba's situation at the time.

“She was under an immense amount of pressure on that show,” he continued. “She was young, she was in a relationship with [co-star Michael Weatherly], and that was rocky and causing some undue stress, I believe, on set."

Ackles explained that it felt to him like he was “the new kid on the block” and hence got picked on as such. "She had it out for me,” he claimed. “It wasn't that she didn't like me. She just was like, 'Oh, here's the pretty boy that network brought in for some more window dressing because that's what we all need.'"

From then on, he described the situation as sort of brother and sister bickering, and Ackles tried to up his odds by bringing the crew into the mix.

"So I just was like, 'Oh, looks like we're getting b**** Alba today... everybody hang onto your nuts,'" he said, and claimed the crew loved their snippy tete-a-tetes.

According to the “Rust” actor, Alba played along like, "OK, now I can just be a d*** to him, and he'll be a d*** to me, and that's how we'll roll."

The two eventually landed on some mutual respect, and in fact Alba helped him out during a rough point in his personal life.

“My grandfather died while I was shooting,” Ackles said, “and she literally just walked into my trailer and held me for a half an hour. So it was that kind of a relationship. And again, if she walked in we'd be all hugs. But she didn't make it easy on me on set."

If you think this all sounds like leftover sour grapes, Ackles claims he has told the same things to Alba’s face.

Alba has not commented on Ackles' account of their past working relationship.

Though these days, Alba has more pressing concerns on her mind after shares of her beauty and baby products brand, The Honest Company, went public last spring, which might keep her away from on-set spats for awhile.

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