Jessica Simpson Admits to Being Drunk During 2017 ‘Ellen’ Interview


Jessica Simpson has been opening up about her addiction issues and has now admitted she was drunk during an infamous interview on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2017.

While promoting her new memoir “Open Book” on “Today,” Simpson disclosed she’s mortified about being intoxicated on the daytime talk show.

“I can’t even watch the interview,” she told Hoda Kotb. “I can’t watch it. It was a weak moment for me and I wasn’t in the right place. I had started a spiral and I couldn’t catch up with myself. And that was with alcohol.”

During the May 2017 interview, the “Public Affair” singer slurred her speech, attempted to tell a convoluted story about mermaids, and disclosed that she had gotten an IUD because “nothing is gonna get in that uterus.”

Her awkward behavior didn’t go unnoticed by DeGeneres, who would stop and look at the camera at various times throughout the uncomfortable exchange.

While members of her inner circle were concerned with her substance abuse, Simpson tried to ease their worries.

“I would say it openly to everyone. ‘I know. I know, I'll stop soon. I'll cut back’" she added. “For me to cut back, like I'm an all or nothing girl, and so I didn't know it was a problem until it was.”

The “Dukes of Hazzard” star said she always had a “glitter cup” that was “filled to the rim with alcohol” and continued to spiral until she hit rock bottom on Halloween 2017.

Simpson said she began drinking that morning at 7am and wasn’t able to get her kids in their costumes or take them out to get candy.

“I honestly couldn’t even tell you who got them ready,” she continued. “I was just dazed and confused and I just wanted to go to sleep. I didn’t take them trick-or-treating. I didn’t show up for my family.”

That was her wakeup call, and the day after Halloween, Simpson quit drinking. She’s been sober ever since.

“I just realized that I had to surrender,” the mother of three said. “It was time. I had to give it up and I was ready. I'm not going to miss another day.”

Simpson goes into more detail about her alcoholism, sobriety and her past love life in her new memoir, “Open Book,” which is set to be released on February 4th.

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