John Krasinski Hosts New YouTube Show With Guest Appearance by Steve Carell


John Krasinski is using his down time to create some content for all to enjoy amid growing coronavirus concerns. His new YouTube show, "Some Good News," launched Sunday.

The show aims to highlight some good news happening around the world during a time when most of the news seems grim. He invited fellow "The Office" star Steve Carell to join him for his first episode.

"For years now, I've been wondering, 'Why is there not a news show dedicated entirely to good news?'" Krasinski asks at the beginning of his 15-minute video.

Krasinski called on Carell to help him with his episode, beginning by saying, "So Steve, this week marked a huge anniversary for you and I. We were on a little show called 'The Office' and it turned 15 years old this week."

The two then dove into their favorite episodes and memories from creating the show.

"Some of the most fun memories, personally and professionally, are intertwined and connected with that show," Carell explained. He went on to outline the moment in the show when Krasinski's character impersonated Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson).

"Part of what was so much fun about it was that everybody in the cast was rooting for everybody else. People would step back when it was time for people to shine and celebrate it. When you came in as Dwight that day it was crazy watching Jim do Dwight. You were a very good impressionist in general, I don't think people know," Carell said of the experience.

After a solid reminiscing session, the two "Office" stars addressed the possibility of a reunion show, much sought after by fans.

"I know everyone's talking about a reunion, hopefully one day, we just get to reunite as people. And just all get to say hi," Krasinski said.

"Just to see your face is so great," Carell responded. "I miss you a ton man. I really think you're going to make something of yourself."

Krasinski isn't the only celeb taking advantage of social distancing by creating something for others to enjoy. Influencers and celebrities around the world are using their Instagram accounts to host live performances, classes, and Q&A sessions for their followers.

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