'The Mandalorian' Creator Reveals the Popular Character Who Inspired Baby Yoda


"The Mandalorian" show creator has just revealed the popular character that inspired the look of the ever-popular Baby Yoda.

The "Star Wars" spin-off, "The Mandalorian," quickly gained viewers' attention during its 2019 release for the popular character The Child - or Baby Yoda as fans lovingly refer to him.

In an interview with Deadline, Favreau revealed that E.T. was actually part of the inspiration for Baby Yoda's adorable look. "Dave [Filoni] had done a sketch of a kind of a Michelangelo/E.T. moment, and that was a source of inspiration," Favreau said.

The sketch was just a jumping off point for designers to really go with the look of Baby Yoda. "Then, Doug Chiang and the whole art department started generating drawings of it, and the Legacy [Effects] people built it," he explained.

Now, Baby Yoda has become a "Star Wars" fan sensation, with a ton of memorabilia made with his likeness. You can find everything from Baby Yoda mugs to Baby Yoda waffle makers. Super fans can even by a life-sized Baby Yoda for $350.

There are even a slew of Baby Yoda-themed toys available for purchase either for your children or for the child in your heart.

Fans who are feeling particularly creative could even head on over to Build-a-Bear Workshop for a limited time to stuff their own Baby Yoda plush doll. All of the normal Build-a-Bear tricks come with it, including clothes and the ability to fill your Baby Yoda with audio tracks.

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