Julie Andrews Reveals Surprising 'Mary Poppins' Facts in New Memoir

Julie Andrews has just released her second memoir, this one titled “Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years.” She sat down with the TODAY show to talk about what it was like to write a memoir and what can be found in it.

According to TODAY, Andrews reveals a few things in the book that may have been unknown to fans previously. For starters, among her many talents is her abilities with whistling – a little-known fact about Andrews which led her to whistling her way through "Mary Poppins."

She even opens up about a close call she had while on the set of “Mary Poppins,” being lowered from wire chords too roughly and almost falling to the ground.

Being honest and open about herself wasn’t particularly hard, though. “If I’m going to write a memoir, I might as well be frank,” she says.

Andrews goes on to say that her Hollywood years were a little different from what she had known on Broadway, which was the inspiration for the title of her book. “That’s why it’s called ‘Home Work,’” she says, “because it’s about the work that I was learning to do on movies which I had never done before, and also homework on myself to a certain extent. How was I growing? What was I learning?”

The best part of the whole thing? Writing with her daughter.
“It was everything – painful, funny. We wept at times. We laughed our heads of.
We drank endless cups of tea, and we worked,” she says of working with daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton.

Andrews’ book, “Home Work: A Memoir of My Hollywood Years” is available now.

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