Kate Middleton Reveals the Social Distancing Rule Prince Louis Keeps Breaking


Social distancing doesn’t come naturally to most children, including Prince Louis.

Kate Middleton appeared on “BBC Breakfast” and revealed that it has been a struggle to prevent her 2-year-old son from hugging everyone.

“Louis doesn’t understand social distancing. He goes out wanting to cuddle anything, particularly any babies younger than him,” Kate explained.

The Duchess of Cambridge also said she noticed her children’s appetites grew amid quarantine.

“My children have bottomless pits,” she admitted, adding, “I feel like a constant feeding machine.”

Kate was realistic about the ups-and-downs of lockdown on families.

“I think some elements are going to be really positive,” she told the BBC. “So families have been able to spend a lot more precious time together. And really reflected on some of the simple things that actually really do make a difference to their kids – particularly in the first five years. And for others, it’s been really tough on relationships and on money issues and relationship issues — it’s been a real challenge.”

She added that while she always respected teachers, homeschooling children has given her a “newfound respect” for them.

Kate’s comment came as she discussed her new online education initiative, Tiny Happy People, which is aimed at helping develop children’s communication skills through interaction and play.

Explaining social distancing and the pandemic to young children can be tricky, which is why mom-of-two Tara Travieso wrote a children’s book about bubbles to help them understand.

Travieso’s first picture book titled "Billie and the Brilliant Bubble: Social Distancing for Children” centers around a young girl named Billie who uses an imaginary bubble to protect herself. Once her friends get wind of her bubble, they all want their own imaginary bubbles, too.

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