Why Kate Middleton Isn't Wearing Her Wedding Ring While Self-Isolating


Kate Middleton and Prince William have joined the ranks of people who have been forced to work from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The couple posted photos of their new work routine on their joint Instagram account on Sunday.

While Kate dazzled in the coral pink suit that she recently wore to visit a call center, fans immediately noticed that her outfit was incomplete because it was missing two very essential accessories -- her engagement and wedding ring.

The iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring and her diamond eternity band were nowhere in sight.

Instead, Kate was wearing her Welsh gold wedding band, which previously belonged to her late-mother-in-law, according to PEOPLE.

It’s likely Kate is just trying to keep her style “minimal” while getting work done from her at-home office.

The publication also suggested that with hand washing essential in combating the novel virus, the Duchess likely removed her rings to effectively scrub the germs off.

A study conducted by Georgia State University in 2018 found that rings were a breeding ground for bacteria and those who didn't wear rings could kill more bacteria and germs during hand washing.

In other words, don’t worry, Kate is just prioritizing proper hygiene over fashion.

The royal family hasn’t been immune to the pandemic as William’s father, Prince Charles, tested positive. He has since left isolation.

William and Kate’s children also took some time to join a worldwide celebration to show appreciation for those risking their lives and working on the frontlines to fight against coronavirus.

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