Kelly Ripa Takes It Back to 2001 with Adorable Photo of Mark Consuelos Holding a Crying Lola


Kelly Ripa, now known to the world as the throwback queen, gave fans yet another peek at some throwback photos of a young Mark Conseulos.

On Friday, the “Live with Kelly and Ryan” host shared not one, but two nostalgic photos of Conseulos as a young “daddy.”

The shots included Consuelos holding his two infant children in his lap.

In both photos, baby Lola is seen crying hysterically, however, one of the photos shows her older brother, Michael, leaning over to give her a comforting smooch.

Consuelos, with his flowy, jet black hair, gazes up at the camera beaming with joy.

“June 2001,” wrote in the caption. “Going from one to two seemed like a big deal at the time, but @instasuelos has always been a multitasker #daddy #toddler #newborn 💪🏽♥️♥️”

Nostalgia overwhelmed Consuelos, who became sentimental after seeing the photo and commented, “Would give anything to go back there for just one day…♥️♥️♥️”

“I say it every single day,” Ripa said in response.

Grown Lola wasn’t as eager to reminisce about the younger years and jokingly requested, “Can u please not post these baby photos it’s not cute I look weird.”

Ripa had the best comeback as she hilariously quipped, “Sweetie i post these so dad won’t get me pregnant again. You’re welcome.”

This isn’t the first throwback photo Ripa has shared in recent weeks.

Last week’s trip down memory lane was equally as adorable as it featured Consuelos and the kids on a Hawaiian vacation.

Ripa’s family is not only known for posting really great throwback photos and videos but also for openly trolling and shading each other on a daily basis.

After Consuelos left some flirty messages on Ripa’s recent post following the Oscars, Lola called her parents “absolutely repulsive.”

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