KFC trolls Prince William after he's seen gazing through window: 'His Royal Thighness'


Even future kings get fast food cravings.

In a photo seen around the world, Prince William was spotted walking the streets of London before getting distracted by a KFC.

The 38-year-old royal was out and about with wife Kate Middleton to meet some finalists of the “Hold Still” photo project, which highlights images from everyday life during the coronavirus lockdown, per Fox News.

Little did he know, this relatable moment would be the one to go viral.

The Duke of Cambridge is seen peering into the restaurant through the window possibly to get a better glimpse at the menu.

The social team for KFC UK & Ireland quickly pounced on the moment.

“William whispered quietly to himself; ‘Oh, I just can’t wait to be wing’” the franchise posted, alluding to the song from “The Lion King.”

It wasn’t long before they pointed out a missed opportunity as the chain expressed regret at not addressing him as “His Royal Thighness.”

One user caught the moment from a different angle, which reveals that diners inside the KFC location were just as amused by Prince William’s interest in the fast food chain as the rest of the Internet.

What do you think Prince William and the family ordered for dinner? The boneless family feast? The bargain bucket? Or a Zinger Meal?

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