Kimberly J. Brown recreates iconic 'Halloweentown' outfit on film's 22nd anniversary


It's that time of year when everyone is clamoring to watch the "Halloweentown" movies made famous by Disney Channel.

In honor of the original film's 22nd anniversary, Kimberly J. Brown is taking to social media with a series of posts about the movie. In a video shared to TikTok, Brown can be seeing doing a transformation into her iconic witch outfit from the film.

She begins by pulling out a witch hat and twirling it around a bit before placing it on her head. When the hat lands, her whole outfit transforms into the robe and dress she sported in the film.

"Just wanted to see if it still fits," she captioned the video.

Later, Brown took to Instagram to share her thoughts about the 22-year-old movie and how she feels about having starred in the film at the age of 13.

"In 1998, this 13-year-old girl spent her summer playing the teenage witch granddaughter of Debbie Reynolds in the @disneychannel film #Halloweentown, having no idea what special magical life the film would have yearrrsss after it premiered," she wrote.

And here I am, on its 22nd anniversary, profoundly honored and humbled that people still want to watch it every year and share it w/ their families," she added. "While I was so inspired by playing Marnie and by sharing the screen w/ Debbie and the amazing cast; I never could have known how much magic and inspiration you the fans would show me year after year."

Brown starred as Marnie Piper in "Halloweentown," "Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge," and "Halloweentown High." Sarah Paxton replaced Brown in the third film, "Return to Halloweentown."

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