Kylie Jenner Gets Stormi to Partake in Viral ‘Rise and Shine’ Moment


Kylie Jenner is starting Stormi young when it comes to viral moments.

Jenner quickly gained meme-status when she was caught on camera riffing the words “rise and shine” into Stormi's bedroom while she was sleeping. Social media moguls everywhere couldn’t help but mimic and meme-ify the moment. Now, Jenner is capitalizing on it by having daughter Stormi Webster sing the tune.

In a video posted to Instagram, 2-year-old Webster can be seen playing with what looks like a karaoke machine of sorts. She babbles into a microphone and gawks at the sound of her own voice being played back to her through the machine.

“Sing something,” Jenner says to little Stormi. “Say ‘rise and shine,’” she continues. Webster quickly follows orders and can be heard saying “rise and shine” into the microphone and cracking a small smile when her voice is amplified.

Grandmother Kris Jenner took to the comments section to soak up the cuteness of her granddaughter. “OMG she is so adorable!!!” Jenner writes. Sofia Richie chimed in, “I can’t handle it!”

Fans also flooded the comments section, tagging friends and people they shared a laugh with over Jenner’s iconic initial “rise and shine” moment.

Stormi has had quite the past couple of weeks between the launch party for Kylie Cosmetics’ Stormi Collection and her own birthday party, aptly called StormiWorld after dad Travis Scott's AstroWorld album. Jenner posted photos of the events to Instagram, leaving fans speechless over the extravagance of it all.

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