Kylie Jenner Slammed for Dressing Stormi In 'Creepy' Costume

Cute or Creepy? Kylie Jenner Slammed for Dressing Stormi as Herself for Halloween
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Like mother, like daughter.

Kylie Jenner loved her Versace Met Gala gown so much she had a miniature one made for her daughter Stormi’s Halloween costume, reported The Daily Mail.

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star shared a photo of her 20-month-daughter decked out in a lavender gown and matching wig similar to the one she wore at the fashion event in May.

“My baby!! I cant handle this!!” the 22-year-old captioned photos of her mini-me in the beaded and feathered outfit and synthetic weave.

While many of the post’s more than 11 million likes and comments gushed over how “adorable” Stormi looked, others called out Kylie by saying it was “creepy” and not “age-appropriate.”

One person wrote: “Y’all can’t let a child be a child.”

While another added: “She is just a little baby, this is so unnecessary.”

A third chimed in: “This is really weird and vain and a little creepy.”

But some were more on the fence saying: “Adorable little girl but am I the only one who find this a bit odd?”

Despite the backlash, many of Kylie’s celebrity pals had nothing but praise as Sofia Richie, Paris Hilton, Vanessa Hudgens and Donatella Versace were just a few who commented how cute the glamorous ensemble looked on Stormi.

Regardless of your feelings about the getup, recreating Jenner’s 2019 Met Gala gown was no easy feat.

“It took sixteen hours straight to do the beading on the super-small baby size and three full fourteen hour days to apply the feathers by hand,” designer Alejandro Peraza said. “And a whole day to design and add crystals to the baby clutch.”

Why be a princess for Halloween when you already are one in real life.

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