Liam Neeson Used a Derriere Double: 'I Hate My Irish Butt'


Liam Neeson is all about modesty.

The 67-year-old revealed he used a butt double while filming the 2014 film “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”

Neeson explained he employed the services of his longtime stuntman Mark Vanselow’s backside because he isn’t a fan of his own posterior.

“When we were doing that movie... I hate my Irish butt!," Neeson said during an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”

The scene in question required co-star Charlize Theron to jokingly place a flower between his cheeks.

“I said to Mark: ‘Mark, this is a sign of our friendship — would you ever do this scene where Charlize Theron puts a daisy in your butt?’ And he said, ‘Sure,'” the Oscar-nominated actor continued.

“I gave him a big hug afterwards and said, ‘There’s no [expletive] way that anybody’s going to see my Irish butt.'”

Back in 2014, Neeson admitted how the film’s storyline, including his revealing scene, actually made him flustered.

“When I read the script, it made me giggle a lot, let’s put it that way,” he previously told the "Today" show. “And I blushed quite a few times too.”

If duty ever requires Neeson to strip down and show off his derriere again, he could always skip the stunt double and just don a pair of silicone booty biker shorts to replicate Kim Kardashian’s infamous assets.

Entitled “The Bum,” the Scandinavian-created shorts retail for about $450 - $600 and are said to feel like 10 pounds of rubber.

While there are no plans for a sequel to “A Million Ways to Die in the West,” fans can see a fully dressed Neeson in the new romantic drama “Ordinary Love,” which is in select theaters now.

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