‘Mighty Ducks’ Child Star Brock Pierce Running for President as Independent


Kanye West isn’t the only celebrity trying to upend the 2020 election.

Former child star Brock Pierce, who played the younger version of Emilio Estevez in both “The Mighty Ducks” and “D2: The Mighty Ducks” in the ‘90s, has thrown his hat into the ring in a bid to become president of the United States.

The 39-year-old, who has since amassed a fortune as an entrepreneur in the cryptocurrency industry, has announced he’s running as an independent candidate.

“Whether we go left or right, it doesn’t feel like we are making progress or going forward as a country. We need … game-changing change. It is time to upgrade the operating system of America. America 2.0,” Pierce told the New York Post.

Part of his motivation to run for office is due to his dissatisfaction with both Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Joe Biden.

“I think that neither candidate really connects with the younger generations,” Pierce added. “I am not hearing from either candidate any real vision. I am not hearing anything that really inspires me. I am hearing a lot of negativity.”

Pierce actually has some experience with the White House, as he played the son of the president in the 1996 film “First Kid,” alongside Sinbad. Add it to your Disney+ queue now!

While he has no intention of actually winning the election, Pierce hopes to make third-party candidates a viable alternative moving forward.

“Our goal is to lay the groundwork for the future. I … turn 40 in November. I’m in this for at least the next 40 years. Time is on my side,” he said.

Pierce is currently on the ballot in 15 states and is working toward getting on five more, the outlet noted. Meanwhile, Kanye has managed to get on the ballot of 11 states, including Colorado, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Utah, Idaho, Iowa, and Tennessee.

Although Pierce may not be as famous as Kanye, he now has a musician on the payroll.

In another bizarre twist, “Smack That” singer Akon recently joined Pierce’s campaign as chief strategist. Amazing!

Whichever candidate you want to win, make sure you make your voice heard by voting on November 3rd.

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