Netflix Extension Lets You Chat and Stream Movies With Friends While in Self-Quarantine


Just because you can’t go to the movies or leave the house, doesn’t mean you can’t have a watch party with your friends.

With the coronavirus pandemic pushing people across the country to self-quarantine and social distance themselves at home, a browser extension will allow you to chat and virtually binge-watch Netflix programs with your squad, reported People.

Entitled Netflix Party, the Google Chrome extension lets multiple users view Netflix simultaneously.

How it works is that one person selects the movie or TV show to stream and then sends a link to invite friends to watch along with them. In order to join the “party,” everyone has to download the extension.

Once everyone is on board, the extension allows viewers to send text messages to the group while watching the selected program. So, you can all chime in with your thoughts just as if you were sitting next to your besties on the same couch.

While the extension has existed for several years, the spread of COVID-19 has created a surge in its popularity. Last week, the extension received an upgrade that expanded it to seven servers so that more and more customers will be able to use the feature.

There have been at least 5,100 positive cases of the novel coronavirus in the United States and at least 97 deaths, according to CNN.

In order to try and curtail the spread of the virus, many states and cities have closed schools, bars, movie theaters, gyms and limited restaurants to take-out or delivery only, among other things.

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