WATCH: Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen join forces to hilariously tease their Super Bowl commercial

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen
Photo credit Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Given its status as a near national holiday built on sitting and eating snacks for five hours, it’s pretty surprising Frito-Lay hasn’t had a Super Bowl commercial in 17 years.

Well, that oversight has been thoroughly corrected, as not only will the snack brand premiere a new Lay’s potato chips commercial during the upcoming game, but they’ve even created a hilarious teaser for it.

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And if that sounds a bit odd, that’s exactly what actor pals Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen discuss in the mini-clip that People recently premiered.

Rogen’s sporting a tye-dye tee, while Rudd’s rocks a campy beret. They're both driving in a car in front of a blue screen. The teaser doesn't give away much, but Frito-Lay promises "a few adventures you won't believe until you see."

But the reigning “Sexiest Man Alive” and his “Knocked Up” co-star say a lot in a little bit with their banter in this trailer.

"What are we doing?" Rogen, 39, asks while grasping a bag of Lay’s classic chips.

"We're doing a teaser," explains Rudd, 52.

"We're teasing commercials now?” Rogen questions, adding, “That's a thing?"

At just a brief 15-seconds, the teaser is a master class in comedy efficiency.

While we’ve grown used to watching trailers ahead of trailers, a trailer for a potato chip commercial seems extraneous, and the company is pointing that questioning finger right at themselves in this self-effacing spot.

If the actual commercial is anywhere near as funny as this trailer, it should be in the running for the coveted best Super Bowl LVI commercial.

The spot is part of the brand’s "Golden Memories" campaign, which from the looks of the road trip setting and Rogen holding the “Classic” bag of chips, should lean into the nostalgia factor of one of snackdom’s most popular products.

Prior to this, there was another teaser for the commercial which also had a throwback feel, if a completely different vibe – that of an ‘80s serial killer movie.

But Frito-Lay isn’t resting on its classic laurels. There’s another planned Super Bowl spot, this one featuring Megan Thee Stallion, 26, hyping the newer, popular “Flamin' Hot” flavor and the brand new Doritos “Flamin' Hot Cool Ranch” chips.

And yes, there’s a very funny trailer for that one, too. If you’re counting, that means there are more trailers than actual commercials. Frito-Lay is really making up for those 17 years!

The Super Bowl -- and the Frito-Lay commercials -- will air on Sunday, February 13.

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