Reese Witherspoon Posts Video of Her Dog in a 'Shoe Coma' After Eating Sneakers


Dogs are so lovable, but sometimes they can make quite a mess!

Reese Witherspoon shared her adorable pups’ latest shenanigans in an Instagram story of them tucked out after snacking on the actress's shoes.

“The Morning Show” star posted a photo of her two bulldogs, Lou and Peter, surrounded by sneakers, according to People.

She then shared a poll asking people on Instagram who they thought was the culprit behind action.

“Which one of you guys ate all the shoes?” Witherspoon asked her dogs. “Pepper, was it you?” “Lou, did you eat all the shoes?” she continued.

After the actress questioned her pups, she then shared a clip of the dog she thinks did it. She showed her bulldog Lou who can be seen in a deep sleep.

“Shoe coma,” the actress captioned the photo as she suggested that Lou did it.

Recently on the Hollywood Reporter’s “2019 Women in Entertainment” cover story, she admitted she experienced the sexist industry firsthand while auditioning as an up-and-coming actress.

Witherspoon recalled that the audition, which landed her the career-changing role, was not a good experience.

“They thought I was a shrew,” the actress exclaimed adding that the casting directors couldn’t separate her from a character in her recent film, “Election.”

After her initial audition, she said the studio requested she “dress sexier.”

“My manager finally called and said, ‘You’ve got to go meet with the studio head because he will not approve you. He thinks you really are your character from 'Election' and that you’re repellent,’ ” she said adding, “And then I was told to dress ‘sexy.’”

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