Reese Witherspoon Says Embarrassing Her Children Is Her ‘Job’


Reese Witherspoon is known for sharing candid motherhood moments with her fans.

The actress and mother of three continued with her maternal revelations as she joined her “Little Fires Everywhere” co-star Kerry Washington for a virtual episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

During her appearance, Witherspoon joked how embarrassing her children is part of her “job.”

“I just say if you’re not embarrassing your children, you’re not spending enough time with them,” Witherspoon said. “That’s basically my role. It’s our job, as parents, to really ramp up the embarrassment.”

Witherspoon is the mother to three children: Ava, 20, Deacon, 16, and Tennessee, 7.

The “Legally Blonde” actress also talked about Deacon's first-ever single, “Long Run,” featuring Nina Nesbitt. Witherspoon raved about her son’s song being “on Spotify charts” and “a global dance hit.”

The proud mom shared the track’s cover art with a short audio sample accompanied by the most adorably “mom-ish” message of support. “New Song of the Summer! #LongRun So proud of my son @deaconphillippe... his first single with the incredibly talented @ninanesbitt is out now! It’s the perfect summer bop with a sick beat and dope drops (is that what the kids say ?!) check it out! link in my stories”

And the famous mom didn’t stop there, she posted another video on Instagram, this time a video featuring Deacon playing the new single on his phone. This gave the 44-year-old the ultimate idea. “Deacon, I should make up a TikTok dance to this song!” Witherspoon said.

While sharing moments about her family, Witherspoon also recently revealed her next creative endeavor.

The Oscar winner disclosed that her production company and Apple TV were partnering up to put all the singing competition shows on alert with the launch of their upcoming series “My Kind of Country.”

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