Robert Irwin looks just like 'Crocodile Hunter' dad Steve Irwin in hilarious photobomb moment


Robert Irwin couldn't help himself when it came to sister Bindi's latest Instagram post.

Bindi, who has been regularly updated fans on her pregnancy through her Instagram page, posted a photo of herself alongside husband Chandler Powell. However, fans couldn't miss the photobomb from her loving brother.

"Robert, you always make photos that much better," the 22-year-old captioned the photo which features a very close-up Robert in the foreground.

And while the photo itself is something of note, fans were quick to point out the striking resemblance between Robert and his late father, "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin.

"Crikey he looks like your father here!" one fan wrote. Another chimed in, "Aww looks like he has his dad's wonderful personality."

A third commenter joined the ranks, writing, "He is so much like y'all's dad."

While Powell himself didn't have a remark to make about Robert's appearance, he, too, took to the comments section of the photo, writing, "Haha! Good times together."

Steve Irwin passed away at the age of 44 in 2006 after being attacked by a stingray. At the time, Bindi was 8 years old while her younger brother Robert was just 2.

If Instagram is any indication, Bindi and her brother appear to have a very close relationship with Bindi wishing Robert a happy 17th birthday on December 1. She shared two photos of her brother as he walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

"Happy birthday to my amazing brother!" she wrote. "Your kind heart and fantastic sense of humour makes my every day. Our baby girl is going to love her 'funcle' (fun uncle) so very much. You're one of the brightest lights the world has ever seen. I'll always be here for you. Love you!"

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