Robert Pattinson Is the 'Most Handsome Man in the World,' According to Science


Robert Pattinson’s smolder is finally getting recognized, and the “Twilight” fandom is rejoicing.

Pattinson, best known for his role of Edward Cullen in the 2008 vampire franchise, has been dubbed the “most handsome man,” according to science and The Daily Mail.

The findings are determined by The Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, a mathematical formula established by the ancient Greeks that assesses facial symmetry.

The algorithm looked at Pattinson’s eyebrows, eyes, jaw, nose, lips and general facial shape and compared the findings to other famous celebrities. It then assigned a numerical value to quantify his attractiveness.

The 33-year-old actor scored a 92.15% making him the highest-rated and closest to perfection.

“Robert Pattinson was the clear winner when all elements of the face were measured for physical perfection,” said cosmetic surgeon De Silva, who runs the Centre For Advanced Facial Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery in London and is responsible for compiling the list.

“These brand new computer mapping techniques allow us to solve some of the mysteries of what it is that makes someone physically beautiful and the technology is useful when planning patients' surgery,” he explained.

“Superman” star Henry Cavill trailed behind Pattison at 91.64% followed by Bradley Cooper with 91.08% and Brad Pitt with 90.51%.

George Clooney rounded out the top five with 89.91%.

Also making the cut came Hugh Jackman, David Beckham, Idris Elba, Kanye West, and Ryan Gosling.

Pattinson even pulled one over on PEOPLE’s “Sexiest Man Alive” John Legend.

Previously, the formula was used to establish that Bella Hadid is the “most beautiful woman in the world.”

The model scored an impressive 94.35%.

The British actor will show off his proportionate good looks as he taps into his inner hero for the upcoming role of Gotham’s masked vigilante “Batman.”

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