Sharon Stone says Robert De Niro was ‘far and away’ her best on-screen kiss


Sharon Stone hit the jackpot on “Casino.”

On a recent appearance of “Watch What Happens Live” with Andy Cohen, Stone, 62, responded to a caller who asked about who the actress’s best and worst on-screen kisses were.

“Robert De Niro was for sure the best kisser,” the “Basic Instinct” star said. “Bob was far and away the best kisser.”

Stone starred alongside Robert De Niro, 77, in the 1995 Martin Scorcese-directed casino mob classic.

Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro on the set of 'Casino'
Sharon Stone and Robert De Niro on the set of 'Casino' Photo credit Getty Images

In the film, Stone’s character, Ginger McKenna, is a chip hustler who marries De Niro’s character, Sam “Ace” Rothstein, gambling expert and mob boss of Tangiers Casino.

During her appearance, Stone gushed about her excitement to share the screen with and her deep respect for the legendary actor, who has starred in a number of other canonical movies with Scorcese including “Taxi Driver,” “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas.”

“He was the actor that I admired the most,” Stone remarked. “My whole career I just wanted to be able to sit across the table from Robert De Niro and hold my own. Maybe because I just held him in such extraordinary high regard, it was the pinnacle of the kissing moment for me.”

“I was just so madly in love with him as an actress to start with that he probably could’ve hit me in the head with a hammer and I would’ve been like, ‘Oh, yeah!’” Stone continued in jest.

“It was pretty fabulous,” she added.

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