So Fetch! 'Mean Girls' Pop-Up Cafe Is Coming this Spring


Get ready to sit with the Plastics!

A “Mean Girls”-themed pop-up restaurant is launching and you can come whether or not you wear pink on Wednesdays.

Entitled Fetch, because of course, the cafe will arrive in Los Angeles on April 18th and remain open until May 31st.

Tickets cost $45 and include a three-course meal consisting of an appetizer, main course and dessert.

Menu items are named after classic lines and characters from the 2004 film, including
Whatever Cheese Fries, Just Stab Caesar Salad , All-Carb Diet Vodka Pasta, Gretchen’s Weiner Dog and Why Are You White Chocolate Mousse.

There will be alcoholic beverages available for purchase, but, even if you bring your cool mom, you’ll still need to be at least 21 to throw one back.

Guests will get 90 minutes to enjoy their meal, decide if butter is a carb and partake of the experience’s many photo opportunities.

"Basically everything will be a photo op," the organizers told The Hollywood Reporter. 

"Mean Girls is one of those movies that I think every girl who grew up in the '90s and early 2000s quotes at least probably five to 10 times per year. So it's looking at those moments and saying, 'What can we capture for this experience?’”

Tickets are on sale now and are available for five seatings a day (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm).

After it’s run on the West Coast, Fetch will move to New York City in the summer.

Starring Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams, Lacey Chabet and Amanda Seyfried, “Mean Girls” went on to earn over $129 million at the box office.

In 2018, a similarly-titled musical based on the movie opened on Broadway, became a resounding success and scored 12 Tony nominations.

Earlier this year, Tina Fey, who wrote both the film and stage productions, announced that a movie based on the musical was heading to the big screen.

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