Sophie Turner Takes Down Instagram Influencers in New Hilarious Post


Sophie Turner always gets us with her unexpected, occasional Instagram story videos of herself spilling the real tea. The kettle is back on, and this time, she’s taking down Instagram influencers.

Turner took to Instagram to condemn a particular kind of influencer – the ones who push weight loss products that actually make you really sick.

Armed with a beanie and a super pouty filter, Turner begins her parody of a typical Instagram influencer with a classic line. “Hey, you guys, just kind of going for my influencer look today,” she quips in her best American accent.

“Today I just wanted to promote this new powdered stuff that you put in your tea,” she continues. She goes on to say how happy she is to promote the unnamed brand even though it’s “totally really, really bad.”

The expletive-laced rant ends with Turner throwing a peace sign at the camera and saying, “Influencer life” in an exaggerated voice.

Influencers everywhere have faced the wrath of angry ‘grammers who don’t approve of the weight loss powders they promote on their feeds. Among those influencers is Kim Kardashian and others with staggering numbers of followers in the millions.

Turner has opened up in the past about social media being the cause of mental health struggles in her world.

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