Stassi Schroeder Reveals How Her Relationship Has Changed Since Getting Engaged


Stassi Schroeder is opening up on how her relationship has changed since getting engaged to Beau Clark. Turns out, the one real thing that’s different is how much quality time they've been spending together.

On the latest episode of her RADIO.COM Original podcast, “Straight Up with Stassi,” Schroeder was asked by friend Lo French how her relationship has changed since getting engaged. The biggest thing she’s noticed is that they’ve hooked up a lot less.

“We’re so busy working together because we’re doing the podcast tour and planning a wedding. And then in between still filming ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and having shoots and things we need to do that I’m like, ‘Oh my god, we barely hook up. I’m so sorry,’” Schroeder explains.

On top of the lack of hookups in their lives these days, there’s another change Schroeder is making as an engaged woman. She’s making sure her skin is thick going into this wedding.

“I have been mentally preparing myself since this ring got on my finger, and I am using it as an opportunity to cut the fat out of my life,” the “Vanderpump Rules” star says. She goes on to explain that she’s not going to concern herself with people trying to “be all up in our business.”

“This day isn’t about anything else but me and Beau,” she says.

Schroeder has previously revealed only a few details about the big day, careful to keep the specifics under wraps.

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