Suzanne Somers credits humor with post-surgery recovery: 'Even tequila couldn't help'


Suzanne Somers is crediting her sense of humor for aiding in her post-surgery recovery.

The 74-year-old actress suffered a serious injury in early October when she fell down the stairs.

The actress, who was using a crutch due to a previously fractured hip, fell down a flight of stairs with her husband, former TV executive Alan Hamel, who was trying to help her down, PEOPLE reported.

“I could tell I did something bad,” the actress told the outlet.

“We went and had X-rays and they said, ‘Immediate spinal surgery,” she recalled as she explained that doctors told her two displaced vertebrae were putting pressure on her spinal nerve and causing the pain.

The “Step by Step” actress joked that "even tequila couldn’t help” the situation.

“They mentioned words like paralyzed,” she said, adding, ” You don't mess around with that. I think they saved my life and/or a life of awfulness.”

Somers said she always maintained a positive attitude throughout life, and this event was no different.

“Every once in a while life gives you the finger,” she explained with a laugh, noting that this time, the mishap was the “big finger.”

She’s been advised by doctors to wear a neck collar post-surgery to keep her spine immobile.

“I sleep with it on,” she explained. “I have it on 24 hours a day. I have to shower very imaginatively. And you figure everything out."

“You would think I couldn't have sex, but my husband has figured that one out,” she joked.

Somers has made such good progress that her doctor said she can take off the brace in a few weeks.

In addition to staying positive, Somers raved about her husband of 50 years.

After her surgery, she said that the 84-year-old “does everything from the most basic to tucking me in at night.”

“He keeps saying, it's his honor and his privilege. I would take care of him the same way,” she added.

Somers notes that the biggest downfall of the surgery was having to postpone the  Facebook Live cocktail parties she hosts with her husband in their backyard.

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, they’ve become virtual parties to help everyone stay connected.

In early March, she explained: “Why should that stop? Especially in today’s world with the Internet and technology. So we invite our family, grown children and grandchildren to join us by FaceTime … It’s very connecting and uplifting, and good for taking away loneliness … We’ve come to look forward to it,” she said.

She also revealed that planning a social gathering -- even a virtual one -- helps with prioritizing self-care.

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