Suzanne Somers Explains Importance of Hosting 'Virtual Happy Hours' During Coronavirus


Since going to bars is temporarily banned, virtual happy hours have grown in popularity as people look for ways to remain social and connected with friends.

Suzanne Somers and her husband opened up about hosting Facebook Live cocktail videos from their home bar and admitted it's something they've been doing long before the coronavirus outbreak.

The actress explained why the virtual boozy check-ins are important now more than ever.

“My husband [Alan Hamel] and I have a wonderful ritual several nights a week … We meet at our outdoor bar, which we have called Big Al’s Bar,” she told Page Six.

She admitted that the video meet-ups are a great way of keeping everyone connected.

“Why should that stop? Especially in today’s world with the Internet and technology. So we invite our family, grown children and grandchildren to join us by FaceTime … It’s very connecting and uplifting, and good for taking away loneliness … We’ve come to look forward to it,” she said.

She also revealed that planning a social gathering -- even a virtual one -- helps with prioritizing self-care.

“Instead of schlumping — my word — I fix my hair, I put on some makeup and wear a favorite outfit,” the 73-year-old admitted.

Somers admitted that she’s having another video cocktail party this week and invited the public to join in explaining "everyone is welcome" in the Instagram post.

“I highly recommend it … I would love everybody in the world to try this. What the world needs now is love, sweet love!”

You heard the lady -- grab your drinks and hop on Facetime with your friends and family. It’s good for your soul.

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