Sylvester Stallone, 74, shows off massive bicep in workout photo: 'Doing some old school action'

Photo credit Getty Images

And you thought Rocky retired.

Ageless wonder, Sylvester Stallone, 74 -- 74!!! -- has gone and posted an Instagram photo of his bulging biceps. And Men’s Health was right on top of the post before it started getting the requisite loads of likes.

Stallone is not just showing off (well, maybe a little), but trying to use it as a motivation for all those greying guys out there.

“Went to damn the gym today when I didn’t want to,” admits the action star in the caption. “But, Doing things when you do NOT want to, I found an extremely important key to success.”

Of course his amped-up workout routine means there might be an action flick coming up in his calendar, as he hints at in the caption.

“Plus, I have to get ready to start doing some old school ACTION!”

Stallone has been working out so hard, he’