Teri Hatcher, 55, Shares 'Liberating' Bikini Photo

Teri Hatcher
Photo credit (Getty Images)

Teri Hatcher, at 55 is definitely feeling strong and empowered!

The former “Desperate Housewives” star has a new outlook on life after completing an eight-week fitness program and showed off the results by sharing two shots of her toned figure in a brown bikini.

“So why actually post a pic of myself in a bikini? Well, this is my truth and being in this 55 year old body actually feels liberating,” she disclosed while also flexing her biceps on Instagram.

“Here’s the thing. I’ve finally figured out how to be comfortable in my own skin. Maybe not every day but a lot of them.”

Despite looking fantastic, Hatcher admitted having reservations of posting the revealing images but ultimately found strength in being vulnerable.

“Sharing myself in a bikini (which I may or may not ever wear again) Is me Being open to others, open to life... finding glorious connection and community,” she continued. “No filters, no makeup, no airbrushing, no negativity.”

In October, Hatcher revealed she was taking the F45 Training eight-week fitness challenge, which entails high-intensity group workouts, in a run up to her 55th birthday.

After completing the results-driven program on her birthday December 8th, she offered advice to others who may be wanting to begin their own fitness journey.

“Find a community, stick to healthy food, get in a work out, and find your joy,” the Golden Globe winner said. “ Baby steps, day by day, put in the work and you will see results.”

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