The Internet Cannot Believe That This Viral TikTok Star Is John C. Reilly's Son


The Internet is collectively freaking out over the realization that Leo, an attractive model, musician, and rising TikTok star, has a famous father that looks nothing like him.

HuffPost senior culture writer Zeba Bay almost broke the Internet and unleashed a swarm of thirsty fans when she posted a side-by-side of Leo and his father with the caption, "So, the young man on the right is John C. Reilly's son."

Reilly is best known for his work on hit films like “Step Brothers,” “Chicago,” and “Talladega Nights.”

The reveal went viral, garnering more than 14,000 likes and thousands of comments from fans with many expressing their disbelief that the two are related.

“I need to see the mother,” one user wrote. “Her genes did what they had to do,” another chimed in.

Another user said, “Genes are wild. Salute to his mother.”

When things got a little too heated in the comments, Bay clarified that she “wasn’t trying to imply that John C. Reilly is ugly, just that biology is wild,” adding, “I’ve always had a lil crush on John tbh.”

The viral sensation is the oldest son of Reilly and his wife, film producer, Alison Dickey.

Most recently, Leo, or as he’s known online to Gen-Z’ers, LoveLeo, released a chill indie song called “Boyfren” to over 700K of his followers. He also directed and starred in the video.

His next music video to the single “Rosie” is set to be released on March 6, according to E News.

He’s also dabbling in some fashion projects in 2020.

Considering all the recent attention thrown his way, we probably don’t need to say this, but don’t snooze on LoveLeo this year.

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