No Royal Treatment: Here’s What Princess Charlotte Will Be Called in School


While it remains to be seen whether she’ll be queen of the playground, Princess Charlotte won’t be getting the royal treatment in the classroom as she begins school.

The 4-year-old Cambridge royal will be joining her 6-year-old brother George at the $23,000-per-year Thomas’s Battersea.

And just like her brother, she won’t be called “Your Royal Highness” when she’s asked in from recess.

According to People, she’ll be just another kid. Teachers and classmates will be calling the Cambridge princess by her name, Charlotte, with close friends likely calling her by her well-known nickname Lottie.

But what’s in a surname? The matter of her last name is a little more complicated: Lottie will likely follow in the footsteps of big bro George, going by Charlotte Cambridge during roll call.

The convention runs in the family. Charlotte’s dad Prince William and her uncle Prince Harry went by William Wales and Harry Wales. No, those aren’t undercover names from a British spy movie in the 60s -- they’re an homage to their father Prince Charles, who is the Prince of Wales.

In just the same way, Charlotte will adopt “Cambridge” as her last name, nodding to her dad’s title as the Duke of Cambridge.

Charlotte’s first day will be a family affair. She and big brother George will be getting dropped off by dad Prince William and mom Princess Kate.