'Bachelorette' Star Trista Sutter Has Surgery After Breaking Ankle

Trista Sutter
Photo credit (Michael Kovac/Getty Images For Viva Brand)

Trista Sutter is in recovery mode after having surgery on her left foot and leg.

The “Bachelorette” star shared on Instagram that she had undergone surgery “to fix a broken tibia, torn ligament and syndesmosis tear.”

Sutter captioned the photo, “I had never broken a bone before, but leave it to me (and Murphy’s freaking law) to break my ankle 3 days into not having insurance. We’re all good thanks to Cobra, but ugh!”

“Scary, but life,” she added. “I checked in this morning and was in happy land by 8:00 am. My anesthesiologist did the best job ever with a concoction that left me with no pain or nausea (and I am THE biggest wimp EVER!).”

Sutter expressed gratitude to her fans for sending her well wishes.

She also added that she “definitely [has] a newfound appreciation for those out there dealing with injuries or disease, lack of insurance or lack of funds and single parents who may not have the assistance of someone like my hardworking, thoughtful, stepping-up husband and kids, and my sweet friends.”

Trista Sutter's husband, Ryan Sutter, shared pictures of his wife post-surgery while she was in a wheelchair getting ready to go home. He captioned the photo, "#Life."

The couple met on "The Bachelorette" in 2003.

People reported that this was not Sutter's first surgery. Back in 2017, the reality star suffered a "violent" seizure while on vacation with her family in Croatia.

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