Wendy Williams Is ‘Willing to Risk It’ To Get Show Back in Production Amid Quarantine


Wendy Williams is ready to get her program back on the air at all costs.

“The Wendy Williams Show “has been on hiatus since shutting down last week in response to the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.

The 55-year-old made an appearance on "The Dr. Oz Show" - which was still in production at the time, but without a studio audience - and detailed the moment she found out her daytime talker was temporarily wrapping up.

“I got a telephone call, honestly, and the phone call was, ‘Wendy?’ I was like, ‘What? What am I doing wrong now?’ I always think I’m in trouble. They said, ‘We’re all shutting down everything, all the networks. Nobody is going to be doing new shows. We want all the hosts to be well,'’’ she recounted.

Despite the mandate, Williams was hoping to continue doing her show without an audience or any production staff.

“I said, ‘But I can do it even with no audience. I don’t even have to have the staffers there because I did that for two days,’” she added.  “But they said, ‘No. We need to have you home, indefinitely.’ There will be no more Wendy or any of the other people for a period of time.’”

While the show has been down for a week, Williams is eager to return to her fans and confessed she would go on the air immediately if she could.

“I’m willing to risk it with one camera and a flashlight. I’m ready to go back to work next week,” she said.  “I’m ready to go back to work when we’re like — come on, let’s go!”

Afterwards, the daytime diva posted a video updating her fans on how she was dealing with being quarantined at home.

“Checking in!!!,” she captioned a video on Instagram. “I miss you!!! How you all doin’?!”

In the nearly four minute clip, Williams also sent her fans well wishes and offered some advice on staying safe.

“I hope you are doing well. I hope you are staying inside,” she advised. “I hope you are washing your hands.”

Williams' comments come as fellow talk show host Andy Cohen has disclosed he tested positive for coronavirus.

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