The Reason Kate Middleton Didn’t Wear Her Engagement Ring During Hospital Visit


Everyone knows Kate Middleton is married to Prince William. So naturally, people were talking after Middleton was recently seen not wearing her famous engagement ring.

The Duchess of Cambridge participated in a creative workshop run by the National Portrait Gallery’s Hospital Program at the Evelina London Children’s Hospital. The purpose of the visit was to see how “the arts support children’s health, well-being and happiness.”

The mother of three was seen wearing her wedding band, but not her iconic engagement ring, reported People. Middleton’s sapphire and diamond engagement ring once belonged to Princess Diana.

Kate Middleton
Photo credit (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

People reported the reason she did not wear the ring was due to the hospital’s policy on minimal jewelry. Throughout the tour, Middleton had to cleanse her hands and remove her jewelry, per hospital’s rules. During hospital visits, her engagement ring always comes off.

Another special moment occurred when Middleton was presented with a colorful “rag wreath,” and posed for a picture for a young patient from the hospital.

The young boy who snapped Middleton’s photo is named Luke Wheeler-Waddison, who is just 10 years old.

The royal posed with her gift and smiled. In one of the photos, a glowing Luke proudly holds up the polaroid of Middleton.

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