Woman Shares Her Experience After Channeling Kim Kardashian's Assets for a Day


One woman in New York found out what life is like with Kim Kardashia's derrière.

Melkorka Licea, a features writer for The New York Post, took “The Bum,” or silicone booty biker shorts that replicated Kim’s famous behind, for a spin and quickly became the center of attention.

The Scandinavian-created shorts will set you back $450 - $600, but according to Licea, they’re worth it.

Despite being advertised with the simple instructions of “just slide it on,” Licea described the booty shorts as 10 pounds of rubber that you have to pry up your legs.

Though she assumed the silicone booty would look fake underneath clothing, she was pleasantly surprised after she put on Kim’s stretchy asymmetrical Monse dress and heels.

Licea admitted that she felt hot and confident, but would the fake behind pass the real world test?

As she headed out to Taco Dumbo on West 47th Street, men of all ages couldn’t look away.

“Their eyes popped out, comic-book style. One in particular couldn’t stop smiling,” she noted in her piece.

She was even approached by a busboy who wanted to get her digits and an up-close look at her assets.

No one assumed she was wearing a prosthetic butt; most people thought her booty was real or that she “had some work done.”

However, she noted that there are a handful of downsides to the fake booty, like sitting down, going to the bathroom, and taking it off during a steamy rendezvous.

“'Sorry, uh, I just need to peel off my insane butt real quick?' Talk about a turnoff,” she noted.

It may not be practical, but she assures it’s a successful “Instagram thirst trap.”

The replica of Kardashian’s backside was created by conceptual artists Ida Jonsson, 22, and Simon Saarinen, 24, who joined forces with Swedish fashion designer Beate Karlsson, 24, and debuted the fashion item during New York Fashion Week.

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