Grace VanderWaal Reassures Fan With Self Doubt

The 15-year-old pop star is answering your questions

Grace VanderWaal is wise beyond her years. In the video for her song “Stray,” the 15-year-old sits in the desert contemplating life, and now she’s ready to share what she’s come up with with her loyal fans.

“You only go as far as you believe you can go,” Grace begins in response to the first of five questions from FanderWaals we gathered from twitter. @warnrskenji wanted to know what advice Grace would give for people with self-doubt.

“All of success, no matter what your goals are, it could be on self-improvement on the normal standard of success - everything revolves around your own determination and believing,” she told RADIO.COM.

Sound advice from the former America’s Got Talent winner a few weeks after releasing her most recent single “Ur So Beautiful.” Grace will hit the road in support of her new music next month. Her tour begins on August 11 in Asheville, NC and runs through September 20th in Washington, DC.

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